Performance Services

nasa-autoPerformance Services are those designed to maximize the performance of a vehicle. A proper build and set up for both on and off race track is a nearly immeasurable advantage. Our shop is equipped to build, set-up and tune performance cars to their full potential.  We are a NASA certified shop and our technicians hold the necessary credentials to perform high performance tuning.  We are also in a unique position to prove tuning results through the use of our All-Wheel DynoJet.

Service Offered

Dyno Testing and Tuning
Suspension Modification and Tuning
Track/Competition Wheel Alignments
Corner Balance Scales
Custom Engine Building and Blueprinting
Custom Wiring and Component Installation
Custom Fabrication and Welding
Custom Exhaust
Custom Turbo Installation, Tuning and Repair
Track and Race Day Preparation and Inspection
Engine Swaps
Kit Car Construction and Repair
Nitrous Oxide Refill

ET Tuning Performance Service Bay

An inside view of ET Tuning's 8000 sq ft, state-of-the-art facility and the AWD DynoJet Dyno.

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